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Thank you for your interest in mentoring a LaunchRALEIGH participant.  We have learned that having a successful Mentor relationship can play a critical role in the future success of our students and can be extremely fulfilling for the Mentor. We are soliciting mentor candidates from several local business and community organizations; including Raleigh SCORE.

After reviewing your application and conducting a telephone interview, mentor applicants will be matched with our participants and/or a SCORE co-Mentor.  

We anticipate receiving more Mentor applications than the 20 companies currently in the program. So, if you are not selected in this initial program, we may contact you to be a Mentor for our next class.

What is mentoring?

We expect our mentors to fill a very specific support need in the LaunchRALEIGH program. This is not a management consulting or business coaching role.

  • Management consulting focuses on applying the skills of the consultant to solve a particular problem for the client.
  • Business coaching is like therapy for business professionals. It assumes that the business owner already has the answer somewhere deep inside of them and the coach just has to bring that answer out.

Business mentoring is different. It assumes that the mentee already possesses the basic technical skills to make their product or deliver their service. The mentor focuses on business perspective and guidance, personal development, and soft skills.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please APPLY.

Mentor Application

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